News and Events

Arctic Adventure Day

On Thursday 8th February class Ocean visited Denmark Road’s School for girls, to experience a Wicked Weather Watch activity day through the eyes of the Arctic. We had a fantastic day and enjoyed many creative sessions, including: Food Technology and Science with Kathryn Minchew, who is a professional chef and actually a semi-finalist on Masterchef!… Continue Reading

Resilience Day!

We have had a fantastic day today developing our resilience and (for quite a few of us) overcoming some fears.   We started the day with some great team building exercises, with increasing challenge and difficulty – including being blind folded and having to trust our team to give us accurate directions. Well done to… Continue Reading

Resilience Day!

We have enjoyed a really fun and challenging day today – learning all about resilience and pushing ourselves to overcome tricky situations. We have worked as teams to complete challenges and solved the mystery of the naughty teacher! We were visited by the Puzzle Company who brought some games to challenge us and we even… Continue Reading

Resilience Day

We had a great day and enjoyed all the activities. We were ALL very brave and climbed the wall! We built structures using Spaghetti and marshmallows-it was very tricky we all persevered! We completed some puzzles without looking at a finished picture-we learnt to cooperate with each other.   We completed puzzle challenges.     Continue Reading

Visit to Avoncroft Museum

We had a fantastic day out at Avoncroft Museum. We made puppets and retold the story of The Three Little Pigs. We found out that the wolf didn’t want to eat the pigs but wanted to help them find out how strong their homes were! We built houses out of straw, wood and sticks to… Continue Reading

Our Visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

We went to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. We had a workshop about animal classification. We had a close look at a ‘Butters’ the corn snake. We stroked ‘Dolly’ and ‘Dilly’ the guinea pigs. We held ‘Colin’ the hissing cockroach-he was very ticklish! We walked around the zoo and saw tigers, lions, elephants, bears, camels, rhinos,… Continue Reading

Noah’s Ark Zoo Park

We really enjoyed our trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. We saw so many different animals and got very close to some of them! We learnt about habitats and adaptation in our class workshop and some of us were even brave enough to touch a snake and a cockroach! Mrs Hulse and Mrs Harvey were… Continue Reading