stream1In Class Stream we love to learn by being active and have a creative, enjoyable and supportive environment where the children learn to be independent. The Reception children follow the EYFS Curriculum (see Curriculum section) and the Year 1 children follow the National Curriculum.

We cover six topics a year on a two year rolling programme and aim to incorporate an interesting trip into each to bring our ‘learning to life’. We enjoy Forest School sessions each week either in the woods or the nature area.



Animal antics Autumn 17



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Our Visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

We went to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. We had a workshop about animal classification.

We had a close look at a ‘Butters’ the corn snake.

We stroked ‘Dolly’ and ‘Dilly’ the guinea pigs.

We held ‘Colin’ the hissing cockroach-he was very ticklish!

We walked around the zoo and saw tigers, lions, elephants, bears, camels, rhinos, giraffes, zebras and lots more. We had a great day!


Walk around the Village

We went for a walk around the village to find out about the area where we go to school.

We stopped for a drink at the village hall.

Then we posted our letters.

Swimming Lessons

Class Stream are learning to swim this term. We had great fun in the pool!

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Class Stream visits Tesco

Class Stream went to Tesco, Quedgeley to find out about ‘food for fuel’ and learnt about foods which give us energy. We had great fun exploring the store with Theresa.

First we had to decorate a hat to wear. Theresa thought we were very clever when we answered all her questions correctly and worked out the jumbled up word.

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Next we explored the fruit and veg isle. We looked for fruits and vegetables which matched all the colours of a rainbow. Can you guess what we might have written in each category?

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Keith, the fishmonger told us about the different fish and we wore plastic gloves so that we could hold the mackerel, scallops, salmon, prawns, tuna and cod.

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We went in the ‘walk in’ fridge and freezer-it was really cold but very exciting!!!!

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We used different vegetables to make smiley faces – they tasted really yummy!

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We used strawberries, raspberries, grapes and blueberries to make tasty kebabs.

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What a fantastic morning-Thank you Theresa

First Aid Training

We learnt about when we might need to call 999 or 112 in an emergency.

We also learnt how to put someone in the recovery position.

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Visit to the Folk Museum

We visited the Folk Museum in Gloucester to find out about life in the past. First we dressed up as Victorian children . We then learnt about what it was like to go to school in Victorian times. The teacher was very scary – not like teachers today!! We did ‘Drill’ in the yard and… Continue Reading

Science Day

In Class Stream we learnt about pushes and pulls on science day. We watched some animations and then made predictions about what we thought would happen next. In the afternoon we investigated which surface was best for a car to travel on. Continue Reading

Bristol Zoo

Class Stream had a fantastic day out at Bristol Zoo. We participated in a workshop to find out more about cold climates of the world. We pretended to be penguins from Antarctica. We stroked ‘River’ a chinchilla and a polar bear (it wasn’t real!!). We enjoyed looking at all the animals in the zoo and… Continue Reading

Nurse’s Visit

Betsy’s Mum is a nurse and she came to talk to us about being a nurse. She showed us how to use lots of medical instruments and how to bandage patients. We have been practicing in our ‘Doctor’s Surgery!’ Continue Reading

Visit to @Bristol

We went to @Bristol Science Museum. We enjoyed the workshop where we learnt all about ‘The Body’. We met Mr Stuffy and found out about different parts of our body- the intestine was very long!! We explored our five senses and enjoyed finding out which flavor the fruit pastels were! After lunch we explored the… Continue Reading