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This term we have been learning about different animals and the grouups they can be sorted into so we went to the zoo to meet some ‘real’ animals. We saw mamals, repitles, birds and fish. During the workshop Ruth told us all about Afica and the different habitiats that the animals live in, we learnt lots of interesting facts. Then we met ‘Colin’ the hissing cockroach and a royal python. We all listened really carefully and were really sensible when we walked around the zoo. Look at some of the pictures of our great day at the zoo.

On Friday we had a visit from Mark who works at Vet’s Barn in Longhope. He told us all about how to look after our pets and showed us some of the things they use to help make animals better. Mrs Goulding had to dress in ‘scrubs’ which a vet wears when they perform an… Continue Reading

Class stream have been cleaning about ‘Being Special’ and how children are welcomed into ‘The Church Family’. We met Rev. Lara Bloom in Church and participated in a Christening Service to learn what happens during Infant Baptism. We looked at different clothes that might be worn at a Christening. Olivia and Teo played the part… Continue Reading

Year One made blackberry and apple crumble with the blackberries we had picked. We chopped the apples carefully using making either a ‘bridge’ or ‘claw’ shape with our fingers. Then we ‘rubbed’ the butter into the flour and added sugar to make the crumble. When it was cooked we all tasted it! IT WAS YUMMY! Continue Reading

We went for a walk around the village to find out about where we live. We followed a map so we didn’t get lost!. We especially liked seeing ‘The stocks’ which were used a long time ago. We learnt our address and found the postbox so we could post a letter home.   Continue Reading

We have been learning about the seaside this term. We have located seaside resorts on a map and found out what it was like to go the seaside in the past but the best event was ‘seaside day’ organised by the PTFA for the whole school. We had a great time on the field eating… Continue Reading

We walked to Leaf Garden Centre  and Jonathan showed us how to plant tomatoes and flowers. We learned about what plants need to grow and saw lots of different plants that they sold. Jonathan brought the plants to school for us to look after. We really enjoyed our time there. Thank you for letting us… Continue Reading