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We went for a walk around Huntley to learn about some of the places that are there.

We followed our route on a map.

Can you remember the names of these places?

We found the post box so that we could a letter to our house.

We had a fantastic morning in the church exploring the theme of Pentecost through different activities. Thank you to the members of  the church who organised such a great learning experience for us and made it fun. Continue Reading

We had a lovely day at the farm park. First Graham told us all about where our food comes from and we ground some corn into flour. After lunch we went to look at the animals in the barn. We saw pigs,goats, sheep, donkeys and Strawberry the cow. We also held rabbits, chicks and guinea… Continue Reading

We visited St Fagan’s Museum of Welsh Life to find out what life was like in the past. We looked around the different houses and participated in workshops. We learnt how to wash Granny’s bloomers!   We looked at some toys from long ago and then made our own toy using a wooden peg.   Continue Reading

Before Comic Relief day we brought in lots of ‘copper’ coins so that we could make a ‘red nose’. We brought in so many coins that we were allowed to ‘break the rules’ on Comic Relief day. The rules we could break were- having crazy hair, wearing face paint, not wearing school trousers or skirt,… Continue Reading

We had a great time at Weston’s Farm with Class River. First saw where they turn the apples into cider. The vats were huge! This is Reg the shire horse. He liked eating carrots! We enjoyed the bumpy tractor ride up to the farm to see the animals.          At the farm we saw… Continue Reading

We went to Bristol Zoo to find out about polar climates. We had a fantastic workshop where we found out about the animals which live in the Arctic and Antarctica. We pretended to be penguins huddling together in Antarctica and saw a stuffed polar bear that used to live at Bristol Zoo. We explored different… Continue Reading