This week we have been learning about Ernest Shackleton as part of our ‘Famous for More than 5 Minutes’ topic. We learnt about Shackleton and his teams’ expedition to Antarctica on the ship Endurance in 1914. To help with our learning, we took a trip to Antarctica ourselves, following in the footsteps of Shackleton!! We… Continue Reading

This year we had a focus of the role played by animals in World War 1. We discussed the role played by dogs, horses, donkeys and even pigeons and we learnt all about the American Dog Sergeant Stubby! The animals are represented by the wearing of a purple poppy. After this, we then created our… Continue Reading

In music this term, we have been looking at composition, note length and singing in different parts to a particular rhythm. This week, we have learnt a song about the river Nile and attempted to sing all together with two different parts. Miss Bramley thinks we have done very well and has decided to share… Continue Reading

On Thursday 11th November, the team played their second ever match this time visiting the school of Hartpury. The team yet again played amazingly well and we saw some exceptional saves from Freddie (who was goal keeper for the first time) and overall some brilliant team work! Both teams we excellent and we are grateful… Continue Reading

This term we have been learning about different animals and the grouups they can be sorted into so we went to the zoo to meet some ‘real’ animals. We saw mamals, repitles, birds and fish. During the workshop Ruth told us all about Afica and the different habitiats that the animals live in, we learnt… Continue Reading

In science last week, we found about about a twelve year old girl called Tarik who lives in Ethiopia. We watched her five mile walk to collect dirty water from a stream that is shared by animals and almost a thousand other people! We found out that the water that she takes to her family… Continue Reading

This evening our new football played their first ever football match as a team together and played fantastically. We saw some fantastic team work, wonderful skill and most importantly, excellent sportsmanship. The team were amazing, and no–one would have thought that they had never played together before. This match was a home game here at… Continue Reading

On Friday we had a visit from Mark who works at Vet’s Barn in Longhope. He told us all about how to look after our pets and showed us some of the things they use to help make animals better. Mrs Goulding had to dress in ‘scrubs’ which a vet wears when they perform an… Continue Reading

Class stream have been cleaning about ‘Being Special’ and how children are welcomed into ‘The Church Family’. We met Rev. Lara Bloom in Church and participated in a Christening Service to learn what happens during Infant Baptism. We looked at different clothes that might be worn at a Christening. Olivia and Teo played the part… Continue Reading

Today Class Estuary visited a history museum in Bristol for us to continue our learning about Ancient Egypt. When we arrived at the museum, we went straight into our workshop. We were given a range of artefacts to study and we had to decide which part of Egypt the artefacts came from and what they… Continue Reading