Bristol Museum and Art Gallery!

Today Class Estuary visited a history museum in Bristol for us to continue our learning about Ancient Egypt.

When we arrived at the museum, we went straight into our workshop. We were given a range of artefacts to study and we had to decide which part of Egypt the artefacts came from and what they were used for. We had to be careful as some of the artefacts were fragile . . . it is what you would expect when they are over 5000 years old! We also followed the journey of a Victorian Egyptologist who was from Bristol and she taught us a lot of new information about how we are able to understand the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt today!

Then came the best part . . . The museum had a huge section dedicated to Ancient Egypt! We saw real mummies in their sarcophagus, canopic jars, jewellery, children’s toys, statues from real palaces and even the bones of someone who was buried in a pit.

After we had lunch, we then had the opportunity to explore the rest of the museum which had a whole floor of taxidermy animals, some were huge and this was fascinating. The art gallery was also actually really interesting and we learnt a lot about the different styles of art from around the world.

What an excellent day out we have had, and we are so lucky that the museum found a space to fit us in this term to match our learning. I am very proud of how well the children behaved and represented our school, although very excited, we engaged in our learning and had a wonderful time.

Thank to everyone who helped us 🙂

Miss Bramley and Class Estuary