Bristol Zoo

On Wednesday 18th October we had a great time exploring the zoo, despite the weather being terrible, we made the most of the day. We saw a whole range of animals, including lions, monkeys, seals, penguins and meerkats; even some really strange animals such as a sand cat and mousedeer!!

We were all agreed that our favourite exhibit was the gorillas . . . we were all amazed at the size of them, and adored the babies! We also loved the other species of monkeys who provided us with some great entertainment.

Miss Bramley was very impressed with how much information we had remembered from our Science Lessons when were in our adaptation and evolution workshop! The staff at the zoo were amazing and we learnt a lot from them and had the chance to hold and touch some creatures!

What a wonderful day, even if were somewhat attacked by the ducks during our lunch!!

Thank you so much to Mrs Blakemore, Ms Anslow and Mrs Mirfin for coming with us!