Class Stream visits Tesco

Class Stream went to Tesco, Quedgeley to find out about ‘food for fuel’ and learnt about foods which give us energy. We had great fun exploring the store with Theresa.

First we had to decorate a hat to wear. Theresa thought we were very clever when we answered all her questions correctly and worked out the jumbled up word.

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Next we explored the fruit and veg isle. We looked for fruits and vegetables which matched all the colours of a rainbow. Can you guess what we might have written in each category?

008 010

Keith, the fishmonger told us about the different fish and we wore plastic gloves so that we could hold the mackerel, scallops, salmon, prawns, tuna and cod.

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We went in the ‘walk in’ fridge and freezer-it was really cold but very exciting!!!!

029 032

We used different vegetables to make smiley faces – they tasted really yummy!

042 044

We used strawberries, raspberries, grapes and blueberries to make tasty kebabs.

055 056

What a fantastic morning-Thank you Theresa