Cooking at Harts Barn!

Class River had a great time learning how to make pasta at Harts Barn! We now have a class full of chefs!!

In topic we have been learning about Europe and this week we focused on the country of Italy. We found out that Italy is famous for lots of its delicious food, so we thought what better way to experience this than to make some for ourselves!

We first had to wash our hands. Then we weighed out our ingredients and mixed them together using our fingers as mixing spoons! We then had to knead the dough until it was stretchy. We let the dough rest before we rolled it out. Next we cut the dough into thin strips and it was ready to boil! We had some delicious toppings to choose from and we were all very excited to try our yummy pasta!

Well done Class River for a super morning out of school! This was our first school trip in a long time and I was so proud of all of your fantastic behaviour!! Thank you Harts Barn for teaching us so many new skills and for making sure we had lots of fun too!

Masterchef here we come!!