Class Estuary is made up of Years 4 and 5. We follow the New National Curriculum with much of our learning planned around the current topic or theme. These topics run either for a whole or half a term.

In order to enhance our learning, we regularly go on trips and welcome visitors who may provide us with real life experiences and Plan

Weekly homework is set which usually comprises of spellings, a times table focus and another piece of topic, literacy or maths. As the children become more independent learners, the homework may often be in the form of a research project with a choice of how it is presented.

The pupils in Class Estuary also have a number of jobs which promotes their independence and ensures the smooth running of their lessons. The Year 5s, however, also run a toast bar during the first break-time for the rest of the school. The money raised doing this is used to buy equipment and sometimes given to charities of the children’s choice.

Towards the end of the academic year, the Year 5s are invited to apply to be buddies to the ‘Rising Fives’ who will be starting school in the following September. They then meet their buddies in the Summer Term, thus helping them settle into Huntley and providing a familiar face when the ‘big day’ arrives.

Autumn Term 1 Overview – Ancient Egypt

Autumn Term 2 Overview – Ancient Egypt 2

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Remembrance Day Class Estuary 2021

This year we had a focus of the role played by animals in World War 1. We discussed the role played by dogs, horses, donkeys and even pigeons and we learnt all about the American Dog Sergeant Stubby! The animals are represented by the wearing of a purple poppy.

After this, we then created our own silhouette pictures to show our gratitude to the millions of animals who lost their lives in the war and to help us remember. They are beautiful and now on display in the classroom.

Music – “Egypt, the gift of the Nile”

In music this term, we have been looking at composition, note length and singing in different parts to a particular rhythm.

This week, we have learnt a song about the river Nile and attempted to sing all together with two different parts. Miss Bramley thinks we have done very well and has decided to share with you all at home 🙂



When you click the link above, the video should automatically download and from there you should be able to play it easily!


Filtering Fun for Upper School!

In science last week, we found about about a twelve year old girl called Tarik who lives in Ethiopia. We watched her five mile walk to collect dirty water from a stream that is shared by animals and almost a thousand other people! We found out that the water that she takes to her family can make them ill because of the bacteria and dirt in the stream. As scientists who help people, we designed a simple filter which could help Tarik to clean her family’s water a little. Today, we made our own filter to separate materials and to clean the water. We then spoke to Beth from Severn Trent who taught us about the journey that water has to get to our taps and how they keep our water clean. We made a promise to make sure that we never waste the water that we have because there is only 1% of usable water in our world!

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery!

Today Class Estuary visited a history museum in Bristol for us to continue our learning about Ancient Egypt.

When we arrived at the museum, we went straight into our workshop. We were given a range of artefacts to study and we had to decide which part of Egypt the artefacts came from and what they were used for. We had to be careful as some of the artefacts were fragile . . . it is what you would expect when they are over 5000 years old! We also followed the journey of a Victorian Egyptologist who was from Bristol and she taught us a lot of new information about how we are able to understand the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt today!

Then came the best part . . . The museum had a huge section dedicated to Ancient Egypt! We saw real mummies in their sarcophagus, canopic jars, jewellery, children’s toys, statues from real palaces and even the bones of someone who was buried in a pit.

After we had lunch, we then had the opportunity to explore the rest of the museum which had a whole floor of taxidermy animals, some were huge and this was fascinating. The art gallery was also actually really interesting and we learnt a lot about the different styles of art from around the world.

What an excellent day out we have had, and we are so lucky that the museum found a space to fit us in this term to match our learning. I am very proud of how well the children behaved and represented our school, although very excited, we engaged in our learning and had a wonderful time.

Thank to everyone who helped us 🙂

Miss Bramley and Class Estuary

Shared Writing Week

Shared Writing Week

This week we have enjoyed Shared Writing Week across school. In every class we have explored the book by Kobi Yamada called ‘WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA?’. The writing that we completed this week was shared across the whole school!

The book follows a young boy who suddenly gets an idea! It shows us his journey of feelings as he hides, grows and shares his idea.

Class Stream wrote Acrostic poems about ideas.

Class River wrote instructions about looking after a precious idea.

Class Estuary wrote newspaper reports about a world changing idea.

Class Ocean wrote 2 contrasting diary entries from the perspective of the little boy.

On Friday we gathered in house groups and shared our excellent writing. Teachers and children were wowed by neat handwriting, original ideas, descriptions, genre features, emotions and clear, loud reading. It was a very inspiring sharing time!

It was fantastic to see so many confident and proud writers.

We are already looking forward to the next Shared Writing Week!

Please come and see some samples of our work displayed in the school hall.


Greek Day

  On Tuesday 26th March years 4,5 and 6 had a Greek day to celebrate their learning of Ancient Greece as their topic. What a wonderful day we had. To start the day we were greeted by Nikademus who sent us through the portal to Ancient Greece, where we began with a quiz.   We… Continue Reading

Dean Field Study Centre 29th June – 1st July

This years residential for years 4, 5 and 6 was a very fun and exciting one, when we visited the Dean Field Study Centre in Parkend. After all arriving and having our first evening meal on Friday, we then went out for our birds of prey display. Unfortunately it was too hot to fly the… Continue Reading

Bellboating Regatta

On Thursday 28th June, years 5 and 6 attended the regatta at Tewkesbury Sailing Club. We had an absolutely brilliant time and worked really well as a team. We displayed many of values, including perseverance, courage and responsibility.   Thank you so much to all of the parents that came and helped us, and to… Continue Reading

Netball Festival

On the 22nd June, the girls from years 5 and 6 participated in the Netball Festball at Denmark Road. The girls showed fantastic skill and team work throughout the day, with A team and B team showing excellent sportsmanship and support to each other throughout the whole tournament. Despite the extremely hot weather, we played… Continue Reading

World War 2 Evacuation Experience

On Tuesday 12th June, the children in class Estuary were sent back to 1940 and became evacuees for a day! Once we arrived at the station, we were met by Farmer Wells who helped organise us into our new roles, but not before keeping us safe from the danger in the sky! As soon as… Continue Reading