IOW ~ Day 3

Today we have had a much more relaxing experience. We woke up a little later this morning and had a glorious stroll down to the pier in the morning haze. Once we arrived, we had a fantastic time winning prizes on the machines and playing some arcade games. Naomi was the champion, winning many prizes!


After we had run out of money, some of us made our way to the beautiful sweet shop to purchase some treats, whilst the rest of us enjoyed an ice cream  on the beach in the sunshine.

After lunch, it was time for Dinosaur Isle! We took a lovely walk down to the other end of the beach which posed a beautiful view of the cliffs.

We arrived quite early for our session, so whilst we were waiting, we participated in the sand sculpting competition. All of the sculptures were incredible and very creative, however Miss Bramley enjoyed the beautiful sculpture of our adopted donkey Thomas!

Now came the time for Dinosaur Isle! We had a super talk from a knowledgeable expert before having some fun exploring the museum.

After we finished learning about dinosaurs, we then went on the hunt for our very own fossils! We discovered many things including dinosaur bones, dinosaur footprints and even turtle poo!

We got back to the hotel in time for us to have a rest and tidy up our rooms before having dinner. Once dinner was over, we showered and got changed into our pjs ready to enjoy movie night! We took all of our blankets and pillows into the lounge and snuggled up to giggle away at Peter Rabbit 2! Of course we enjoyed many snacks and sweet treats also!

Well done to Maxi and Dennis for winning the tidiest bedroom competition! We all fell asleep instantly this evening in preparation for a busy day at Black Gang Chine and Alum Bay to see the needles tomorrow!