Isle Of Wight 2018 Day 2

Wow, what an amazing day we have had today, with many of us struggling to decide on our favourite moment. After having breakfast at 8.15, we set off on the coach journey to Osborne House. On our way, we were lucky enough to stop off at the hover board crossing where we watched a hover board come in and leave. This was a great experience as many of us have never seen this before . . . The Isle Of Wight is now the only place in the Country to still use this service.

We had an exceptional day at Osborne House and Swiss Cottage. We explored in complete admiration, the beauty and amazing paintings throughout the house and asked some fantastic questions. We were amazed to see the nursery and the exact room in which Queen Victoria had died. A favourite room for many of us was the Indian room as the ceiling and decorations were unbelievable. After this we headed for the beautiful walk from Osborne House down to Swiss Cottage, which was made especially for the Queen’s 9 children! We enjoyed playing games and dressing up and learning what lessons these children would have studied during the day. The museum down at Swiss cottage holds thousands of strange and wonderful artefacts from throughout the world . . . the five-legged deer was particularly fascinating for many of us!

After a wonderful morning, we had an equally wonderful afternoon at the Donkey Sanctuary. The commitment and love that the staff have for these donkeys is phenomenal, and it was so clear how happy these animals are. All donkeys and ponies in the sanctuary are rescued from sad and horrible lives and cared for exceptionally at this sanctuary. When we were arrived we were placed into 3 groups to have 3 different activities throughout the afternoon; These were: Feeding, slalom (donkey obstacle course) and grooming. During the feeding session we met every donkey on the sanctuary, hearing all of the stories about the donkeys’ different personalities. The obstacle course was so fun! We were introduced to two little Shetland ponies called Ant and Dec (Dec was being very naughty) and we had to guide them, on our own, around quite a tricky obstacle course; These little ponies are much stronger than they look!

When we arrived back at Sandown, we still had a while until dinner, therefore we returned for more fun on the beach (At least it was light this time!) We believe the following photo summarises these events . . .

After dinner, we had some relaxation and reflection time in our rooms, before a night of games in the lounge. Alex however, decided to put the football on the large screen, therefore it is safe to say that no Huntley boys spent much of the evening playing any games!

Another excellent day, and Miss Bramley was so proud of us when 2 members of the public commented on how fantastically behaved we were in Osborne House, with exceptional manners!

Even more excitement tomorrow . . . BLACKGANG CHINE!!