Isle Of Wight 2018 Day 3

What glorious weather we had today, beautiful sunshine and it was extremely warm.

We started our day out today with a trip over to Alum Bay to watch glass blowing and a sweet demonstration. The glass blowing was fascinating and we enjoyed this very much, although it was very hot inside; The furnaces heat the glass to over 1800 degrees Celsius!! We watched a vase be constructed, as well as a glass sweet and a long, stretched piece of glass called fibre optic.

Once the demonstration had finished, we made our way over for a treat at the sweet factory. We watched 6 kilos of sugar turn into 2000 boiled sweets, it was truly amazing. We were particularly interested in the machine that made a huge, never ending row of sweets and we were extremely lucky to taste the finished product. It only took 20 minutes to make 2000 sweets from scratch, this is incredible!

Next we spent some time creating our sand sculptures, before we made our way up to the outstanding views of the Needles; this was especially beautiful because of the great weather!

After lunch was the moment we had all been waiting for . . . BlackGang Chine! Whilst we were waiting for our exclusive use of Waterforce, we made sure we played some fun games through the hedge maze. Hiding from the players in a hedge maze is pretty tricky when you are 6 feet tall, as Alex soon came to realise!

The flumes of Waterforce was the most fun we had today by far! We were given the privilege of exclusive use of the slides for 30 minutes, with all of us having at least 3 rides. It was shocking how sneaky some of us can be in terms of our positions, as to how we could make our friends the most wet! We had a great time racing each other down the open flumes, and loved the scary experience of the dark one. It appears Miss Bramley is not entirely skilful at water slide racing, coming in last place when racing the other teachers!!

We enjoyed the rest of the day exploring Dinosaur Land, Fantasy Kingdom, Underwater World, Pirate Cove and Cowboy Town. Plus the very creepy haunted mansion and crooked house! We even enjoyed a doughnut whilst playing on the huge play areas and pirate ships!

We finished the visit to the park by running around the ginormous snakes and ladders (steps and slides), until we were almost too tired to walk all the way back to the coach.

After dinner, we got changed into our pyjamas and made our way into the lounge, complete with duvets and pillows, for our movie night! We really enjoyed watching Peter Rabbit together and ate way too many sweets. This relaxing time was very much needed after such a busy day!

The hectic day’s events were too much for some of us, and we couldn’t quite manage to keep our eyes open for the whole film!

There was no hesitation going to bed tonight, and we were all happy when the time came to fall asleep, which pleased Miss Bramley and Alex very much.

We can’t believe it is going to be our last full day on the island tomorrow, however the weather is going to be beautiful yet again, so we are definitely going to make the most out of the sunshine, on the beach . . . fossil hunting!