Isle Of Wight 2018 Day 4

We were all very quiet and tired when we woke up this morning, but we knew we wanted to make as many memories of our last day as we could. We were so happy to open and read the lovely letters sent to us from you guys at home during breakfast; it made us all smile a lot and feel extremely blessed to have great families waiting for us, so thank you all very much!

There were no bus journeys today, and this was a welcomed break! Instead, we enjoyed the excellent sunshine and walked down to Dinosaur Isle. When we arrived, we met our tour guide who explained to us what we should look out for, before making our way down to the edge of the beach. Some of us found some extraordinary fossils, including Dinosaur poo and a fish’s jaw. We spent over an hour digging our way through the sand.

After collecting as many fossils as we could, we walked back to the exhibition centre. This was a pretty cool place, as it included many actual skeletons of dinosaurs. We started in the teaching room upstairs, where we all shared something that we found out during the morning, and discussed our favourite fossils. Then we went downstairs to explore all of the fascinating items in the museum.

The weather was beautiful yet again today, so once we finished in Dinosaur Isle, we enjoyed our lunch outside in the sunshine. Next we took a long walk, all the other way back across the other side of the beach, to the Rock Shop. This is a lovely little store, full of goodies. Some of us brought some great presents . . . some of us brought ourselves some great presents!

We then made the most of the weather, by spending the rest of the afternoon playing games and challenges on the beach. We had a challenge to create a sculpture in teams, representing our time on the Isle Of Wight. Group 1 made a ferry, group 2 also made a ferry, dinosaur prints and The Needles, group 3 created the Sands Hotel and group 4 made a model of The Needles. They were all extremely impressive!

After our final evening meal in the hotel, it was time to get dressed up ready for dancing the night away in the disco. The disco room was complete with lights and a smoke machine! We didn’t stop dancing for an hour and a half and enjoyed a range of music. This was a brilliant way to finalise our time on the trip, and spend some quality time with all of the new friends we have made.

We cannot believe it has come to the end of our trip already, but we have had an incredible time and made so many fantastic memories that will stick with us forever! We are very tired this evening, and have to wake up at 6 o’clock tomorrow!! We are not looking forward to a long day on the coach, however we can not wait to get home and share all our stories with you!