Isle of Wight 2019 Day 2

Well, we started today getting caught in a thunderstorm whilst arriving at Osborne House, but this didn’t stop us! We had such a wonderful time exploring the beauty of this magnificent building and asking some very impressive questions . . . this was definitely a day for learning! Every single one us was so captivated and extremely respectful to the other people who were also visiting Queen Victoria’s home! Once the rain subsided we took the long walk down to Swiss Cottage, we were very tired, but it was definitely worth it!


This afternoon we visited the lovely little donkey sanctuary and we had our own special tour of the sanctuary, meeting all of the wonderful donkeys and ponies, learning they all have completely different personalities! Some of us were a little nervous when the time came to guide Ant and Dec (the Shetland ponies) around their obstacle course; we all did very well considering how mischievous and strong these tiny ponies are!

After we had chance to dry off and have some dinner, we then had our board games evening. We all made some new friends this evening and some of us got very competitive! What a jam packed and fun day we have had today. All of us are now exhausted and we are hoping for an early night!!