Leavers’ Service and Historical Tour of Gloucester

On Wednesday 5th June, class Ocean went to Gloucester Cathedral to attend a special Leavers’ Service. We walked to the bus stop and caught a Stagecoach bus into Gloucester, asking and paying for our own tickets!

When we arrived at Gloucester Bus Station, we made our way to the Cathedral. On the way in, we saw the sheep that had visited us in November as part of the ‘Good Shepherd Project’. It was lovely to see him again! We quickly found our seats and waited for the service to begin.

At the beginning of the service, Ollie and Jessica carried in our banner and paraded it to the front of the Cathedral, joining the banners of lots of other Church of England schools. We were joined by Bishop Robert who encouraged us to think about how much we have changed and all of the challenges that we have overcome during our time at Huntley. We were given beautiful holding crosses and thought about how we are all as unique as the crosses in our hands. Nia represented us as our candle volunteer and we have brought our candle back to school to use in our Collective Worship time. After the service we had lunch in the garden in the centre of the cloisters. We were very excited to see the corridors which were used in the Harry Potter films!

After lunch, we were met by Mr Dillon from Gloucester Civic Trust, who gave us a fascinating overview of the history of Gloucester. We saw lots of Gloucester’s hidden gems as well as found out all sorts of things about some of the places that we have walked by every day! Do you know why Gloucester doesn’t have its Roman walls any more? We do!

At the end of a very busy day, we stopped of for a little treat before making our way back to school on the bus! What a day!