Welcome to Class River! We are a hardworking mix of Year 2 and 3 children and we love a challenge!

In the mornings we have English and Maths lessons where we enjoy using lots of different apparatus and techniques to improve our understanding and explore our topics. We also look forward to our Guided Reading lessons where we share different types of interesting books with our friends and teachers – aiming to meet our targets.

In the afternoons we enjoy a huge variety of learning opportunities. We are very sporty and like to keep fit and healthy, we also enjoy Art and DT projects where we plan and make our designs – not forgetting to evaluate them to help us next time! We are very eager to learn about the world around us and our RE lessons plus SMSC time help us to look at others and think about ourselves.

We go on interesting trips and invite visitors into class to help us experience our learning in a different way. When we have whole school theme days we enjoy doing big creative projects – especially when we are in our house groups!

In Class River we are great listeners and enjoy learning very much. As a class we are motivated to do our very best and create lots of great memories of school and learning with our friends.

Autumn 1 2021 Curriculum Overview: Modern Europe 

Autumn 2 2021 Curriculum Overview: Famous for more than 5 minutes!

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Class River experience Shackleton’s expedition!

This week we have been learning about Ernest Shackleton as part of our ‘Famous for More than 5 Minutes’ topic. We learnt about Shackleton and his teams’ expedition to Antarctica on the ship Endurance in 1914. To help with our learning, we took a trip to Antarctica ourselves, following in the footsteps of Shackleton!! We learnt that Endurance got stuck in the ice in the Weddell Sea. Then Shackleton and his crew had to travel to Elephant Island and stay there while Shackleton took the brave decision of rowing to the nearest whaling station to get help!

We couldn’t believe that this trip took them two years in total and were happy to hear that all crew members survived!!

Here are a few photos of us recreating Shackleton’s brave and courageous expedition!

Cooking at Harts Barn!

Class River had a great time learning how to make pasta at Harts Barn! We now have a class full of chefs!!

In topic we have been learning about Europe and this week we focused on the country of Italy. We found out that Italy is famous for lots of its delicious food, so we thought what better way to experience this than to make some for ourselves!

We first had to wash our hands. Then we weighed out our ingredients and mixed them together using our fingers as mixing spoons! We then had to knead the dough until it was stretchy. We let the dough rest before we rolled it out. Next we cut the dough into thin strips and it was ready to boil! We had some delicious toppings to choose from and we were all very excited to try our yummy pasta!

Well done Class River for a super morning out of school! This was our first school trip in a long time and I was so proud of all of your fantastic behaviour!! Thank you Harts Barn for teaching us so many new skills and for making sure we had lots of fun too!

Masterchef here we come!!


Huntley’s Covid Time Capsule!

On Wednesday 21st July 2021, we buried our Covid Time Capsule. It was really exciting to see the things that were going into the capsule and to think that in many years, the future children at Huntley School will find out all about what life has been like for us over the last 18 months!


Huntley on Sea!

Class River had an amazing time at Huntley on Sea! We enjoyed ice creams, bouncing on the bouncy castle and all the fun and games of being by the seaside! Thank you very much to the PTFA for providing us with such a fun afternoon by the sea!!

Class River’s Kite Festival!

This term Class River have been working on a very important task in DT… We have been making kites for our very own kite festival!

The children have been working incredibly hard all term to design and create their kites. I have been so impressed by all of their super efforts! We were lucky enough to test out our kites at the kite festival today and as you can see from the pictures, it was a lot of fun!

Well done Class River for putting on a brilliant kite festival and for working so hard this term!  

Visit to We the Curious

Class Stream and River went to ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol to find out about different materials. We participated in a workshop to explore which material was best for building a house.   What happened to the paper when it got wet? What happened to the brick and wood when the flame was lit? We… Continue Reading

Rainforest experience at Leaf Creative!

On Thursday, Class River were lucky enough to go to Leaf Creative to learn about the different plants and trees that grow in the rainforest. Jonathan and his team had very kindly built a model rainforest out of the trees at the garden centre to show us the different layers (emergent, canopy, understory and forest… Continue Reading

Shared Writing Week

Shared Writing Week This week we have enjoyed Shared Writing Week across school. In every class we have explored the book by Kobi Yamada called ‘WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA?’. The writing that we completed this week was shared across the whole school! The book follows a young boy who suddenly gets an… Continue Reading

Visit to The Wild Place Project

We had a lovely sunny and dry day out at The Wild Place Project in Bristol. We saw bears, geladas, giraffes, cheetahs, okapi,,meerkats and lemurs. We learnt about how we can classify animals into different groups and went on a trail through the woods. It was a great day out and we listened really carefully. Continue Reading

Dean Forest Railway!

Class River had a super time riding on the Dean Forest Steam Railway. We saw the steam engine being filled up with water and being changed, we looked around the museum and we even had a go at changing the signals in the signal box! Luckily we didn’t confuse any trains! Well done Class River… Continue Reading