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Please see our school uniform policy below

School uniform policy 2019



School Uniform Boys School uniform Girls
·        A royal blue sweatshirt bearing the school logo.

·        Royal blue polo shirt  with school logo

·        Grey/black trousers or shorts.

·        Socks – plain white, grey or black

·        Raincoat


·        A royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan bearing the        school logo.

·        Royal blue polo shirt with school logo

·        Grey/black trousers, skirt or pinafore.

·        Socks –plain white, grey or black 

·        Raincoat

·        Royal Blue gingham dresses may be worn in the     summer

PE Kit. For PE lessons children should have:
·        A white polo shirt,

·        Dark blue or royal blue  shorts or skort,

·        Change of ankle socks if needed,

·        Daps or trainers for outdoor P.E.  (Indoor PE is barefoot)

·        During the colder months blue tracksuit bottoms and top should also be worn (not Class Stream)

No jewellery is to be worn in P.E. Pupils can wear plasters over stud earrings for the first six weeks after  having their ears pierced (therefore, we would advise arranging this for a holiday period to reduce the need for this in term time).


·        Pair of trunks for boys / one-piece costume for girls. (Navy or black preferred)

·        Goggles worn subject to parent’s consent.  (A letter will be sent out)

·        Swimming hat


Footwear : Sensible black shoes, not boots are to be worn. These should have flat soles and should be of a waterproof material as they get wet in the playground.

  • No trainers or shoes that look like trainers
  • No ballet pump type shoes or plimsolls
  • No logos
  • No sling backs or heels
  • Children can wear sandals in the summer but again these should be dark coloured and have flat soles.

Haircuts: Please ensure that haircuts are smart and there are no extreme styles i.e. no bright colours, tram lines shaved into the hair, Mohicans etc. Long hair should ideally be tied back.

Jewellery: Jewellery should not be worn other than simple watches and stud earrings. This jewellery is the responsibility of the children to look after and must be remove for PE lessons.

Makeup:No make-up should be worn by children in school. Nail Varnish must not be worn to school.

Sun Safety :Children should wear caps or hats during the summer months. Sun cream should also be applied before school

Our uniform is now available for purchase online through www.myclothing.com.

My Clothing Leaflet    My Clothing Price List January 2019 

A small amount of uniform is still available from school though the range of sizes is very limited