Visit to the Folk Museum

We visited the Folk Museum in Gloucester to find out about life in the past.

First we dressed up as Victorian children

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We then learnt about what it was like to go to school in Victorian times. The teacher was very scary – not like teachers today!!

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We did ‘Drill’ in the yard and then had a hand and shoe inspection. We put a penny in the box so that we could go to school.

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In the classroom we had to sit in rows and had a go at writing on a slate and with pen and ink. The teacher was very strict and we had to stand up or go to the back of the class if we got something wrong.

After the lesson had finished we learnt about how Victorians washed their clothes. Can you remember the names of the equipment they used?

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We then looked at some other items the Victorians used to clean their homes. Can you remember what they were used for?084 091

Finally we explored the museum. What did you like seeing best? What did you learn about life in Victorian times?