whole_schoolWe currently run four classes, but sometimes we work together as a whole school, or in our house groups, Dahl, Inkpen, McKee and Rowling.

Children can earn house gems for their house, by working hard, good manners and for demonstrating our school values. Each week we award the House cup to the house earning the most gems that week.

Whole School Blog

Leaf Creative science visit

Today Years 5 & 6 walked to our local garden centre to learn about asexual reproduction in plants.

We were greeted by Jonathan and Ann who led a very interesting and interactive talk about tubers, bulbs, runners and taking cuttings.

A huge thank you to Leaf Creative, especially Jonathan and Ann, for making us so welcome and making plants so fun! We will enjoy our growing challenges and keep you updated with our progress. Thank you for our goodie bags to get us started.

A special visit!

Today we had a very special visitor!

The Easter Bunny!!!!!! The Easter Bunny was a little bit naughty and set off the fire alarm, we all had to go out in the cold & rain but very quickly cheered up when the Easter Bunny waved at us from the door. It was very exciting indeed and the PTFA had very kindly helped the Easter Bunny find enough eggs for everyone to have one each. Thank you PTFA and thank you Easter Bunny!!!!!!! We all loved the surprise.



Break the Rules for Comic Relief!

Before Comic Relief day we brought in lots of ‘copper’ coins so that we could make a ‘red nose’. We brought in so many coins that we were allowed to ‘break the rules’ on Comic Relief day. The rules we could break were- having crazy hair, wearing face paint, not wearing school trousers or skirt, not wearing school shoes or wearing a red top.

We worked in our ‘house groups’ to make a ‘red nose’ using the copper coins-it was great fun!

Look at all the ‘noses’ we made

Year 6 counted the money.

We raised a fantastic  £109   for Comic Relief.

Well done everyone!

Remembrance Day

We learnt about why we have remembrance day, why we wear poppies and about the end of world war one a hundred years ago.

Class Stream made a poppy wreath. Here it is next to the sheep visiting us from the diocese as part of the ‘ Good Shepherd Project’.


We made poppies. We made a book about special times we can remember and played a game where we had to remember different objects associated with the Remembrance day.

Class River wrote letters to the children who had helped during world war one.

Class Estuary painted pictures of the war and wrote poems. They made purple poppies which are used to remember animals that died in the war.


Class Ocean did some performance poetry written by poets during world war one and then wrote their own sonnets.


Gymnastics Competition

Twelve fantastic gymnasts represented the school at the county’s largest school’s competition – The Forest Area Gymnastics Competition. They sent last Saturday at Five Acres Sports Centre and they all were AMAZING!!!   Continue Reading

World Book Day

We had a great time celebrating World Book Day. Everyone made a fantastic effort dressing up as their favourite book character. In all Classes we enjoyed exploring reading in different ways; creating character profiles and new book covers. Class Stream had a fun morning exploring the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’  through lots of different activities.… Continue Reading

Experience Church

We had a fantastic morning exploring our Church through different activities. We learnt about; welcoming new people to the church through baptism, saying prayers for ourselves and others, taking communion to celebrate and remember, sharing our worries & teaching others and communicating with our village with the bells. We even got to ring the bells… Continue Reading

Tag Rugby Tournament

On Friday 24th February, Class Estuary participated in a tag rugby festival at Westbury On Seven following our 6 week training with the Gloucestershire rugby coaches. We entered 2 teams into the tournament, with both teams playing exceptionally well and team 1 even winning the whole tournament! Miss Bramley couldn’t have been prouder with the… Continue Reading