World War 2 Evacuation Experience

On Tuesday 12th June, the children in class Estuary were sent back to 1940 and became evacuees for a day!

Once we arrived at the station, we were met by Farmer Wells who helped organise us into our new roles, but not before keeping us safe from the danger in the sky!

As soon as we heard the siren we rushed into the air raid shelter, it was very scary and dark, but we were all very brave and made it out from the bombs alive!

Then it was time to meet the headteacher of our new school! She taught us lots of things, including “make do and mend”, the toys we would be playing with and the new clothes we had to wear. We all looked very smart in our new outfits!

Soon it was time to wave goodbye and set off on the steam train to our new destinations. On our journey we kept our spirits high by singing some wartime songs, accompanied by some very talented musicians; Not only this Farmer Wells and Brad managed to chase and catch a German spy in the station!! After lunch on the train we were very lucky to talk to some real evacuees from WW2, who shared their experiences and this was extremely interesting.


To end the day, we met some of the heroes who helped put out many fires during the war and were lucky enough to even have a go at using their methods to put out fires of our own!

We had the most incredible day and an experience we will never forget!!


Thank you to everyone at home for helping us find suitable clothing for the day and for Miss Stroud and Brad for being evacuees with us!