stream1In Class Stream we love to learn by being active and have a creative, enjoyable and supportive environment where the children learn to be independent. The Reception children follow the EYFS Curriculum (see Curriculum section) and the Year 1 children follow the National Curriculum.

We cover six topics a year on a two year rolling programme and aim to incorporate an interesting trip into each to bring our ‘learning to life’. We enjoy Forest School sessions each week either in the woods or the nature area.


Autumn 2020 Curriculum Overview: Marvellous me!


Topic Plan March 2021

Summer Term 2021 Topic Plan



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We had an exciting morning learning to swim-we all tried really hard and listened carefully. It was fantastic-we’re looking forward to next week!

Visit to Leaf Garden Centre

We walked to Leaf Garden Centre  and Jonathan showed us how to plant tomatoes and flowers. We learned about what plants need to grow and saw lots of different plants that they sold. Jonathan brought the plants to school for us to look after.

We really enjoyed our time there.

Thank you for letting us visit.

Blackberry Picking

Year One had fun picking blackberries from the hedge in the school field. We then practiced our cooking skills by chopping apples and making a crumble topping. We shred the crumble with the Reception children-IT WAS YUMMY!

Village Walk

We went for a walk around the village to find out about where we live. We followed a map so we didn’t get lost!. We especially liked seeing the cows in the field. We learnt our address and found the postbox so we could post a letter home.

Visit to We the Curious

Class Stream and River went to ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol to find out about different materials. We participated in a workshop to explore which material was best for building a house.   What happened to the paper when it got wet? What happened to the brick and wood when the flame was lit? We… Continue Reading

Finding out where wool comes from

Mrs Credland came to tell us all about her Gotland sheep and how she uses their wool to make different things.    carding the wool   Look how big the fleece is! What did it feel like? Continue Reading

Shared Writing Week

Shared Writing Week This week we have enjoyed Shared Writing Week across school. In every class we have explored the book by Kobi Yamada called ‘WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA?’. The writing that we completed this week was shared across the whole school! The book follows a young boy who suddenly gets an… Continue Reading

Visit to The Wild Place Project

We had a lovely sunny and dry day out at The Wild Place Project in Bristol. We saw bears, geladas, giraffes, cheetahs, okapi,,meerkats and lemurs. We learnt about how we can classify animals into different groups and went on a trail through the woods. It was a great day out and we listened really carefully. Continue Reading