stream1In Class Stream we love to learn by being active and have a creative, enjoyable and supportive environment where the children learn to be independent. The Reception children follow the EYFS Curriculum (see Curriculum section) and the Year 1 children follow the National Curriculum.

We cover six topics a year on a two year rolling programme and aim to incorporate an interesting trip into each to bring our ‘learning to life’. We enjoy Forest School sessions each week either in the woods or the nature area.



Whatever the Weather


Life in the Past Spring Term 2


Marvellous Me/Celebrations Autumn Term Plan 2018

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Violin Concert

We’ve had great fun learning to play the violin. What a fantastic orchestra we were during our concert!

Visit to Weston’s Farm

We had a great time at Weston’s Farm with Class River.

First saw where they turn the apples into cider. The vats were huge!

This is Reg the shire horse. He liked eating carrots!

We enjoyed the bumpy tractor ride up to the farm to see the animals.



At the farm we saw Ronaldo the bull who is the mascot for Hereford United football club. In the barn we saw cows and calves, we even saw a calf that had only been born a few minutes before and couldn’t yet stand up! It was really exciting!


Finally we saw the sheep and lambs – one ewe had three lambs!

Visit to Bristol Zoo

We went to Bristol Zoo to find out about polar climates. We had a fantastic workshop where we found out about the animals which live in the Arctic and Antarctica. We pretended to be penguins huddling together in Antarctica and saw a stuffed polar bear that used to live at Bristol Zoo. We explored different objects such as furs, bones and teeth. After lunch we explored the zoo and saw lots of animals which live in hot, tropical and cold climates, such as meerkats, penguins, seals, pygmy hippos, reptiles and lions.


Experience Angels

We had a fantastic morning in the church exploring the theme of Christmas through different activities. We learnt about angels and the messages they give and the time of advent which helps us to prepare for Christmas.

Thank you to the members of  the church who organised such a great learning experience for us and made it  fun.


Visit to the International Centre for Birds of Prey

We went to the Birds of Prey Centre in Newent  to find why birds migrate in the Autumn. We had a great time and enjoyed watching the flying demonstrations especially when the birds flew above our heads!. We saw hawks, owls, vultures, buzzards and lots more.


Remembrance Day

We learnt about why we have remembrance day, why we wear poppies and about the end of world war one a hundred years ago. Class Stream made a poppy wreath. Here it is next to the sheep visiting us from the diocese as part of the ‘ Good Shepherd Project’.             … Continue Reading

Visit from athlete Eden Francis

Eden Francis came to tell us about being an athlete. She competes for England in the discus and shot putt competitions. She told about how she trains and the types of food she has to eat to keep herself fit and healthy. We then completed some circuit training activities with her to raise sponsorship money. Continue Reading

Finding out about being a nurse

Mrs Davis came to tell us about her job as a nurse. She demonstrated how to take our blood pressure and listen to our heart using a stethoscope. We practiced bandaging our arms and legs! Now we know how to pretend to be a doctor or nurse in our role play area!   Continue Reading

Finding out about being blind

Mrs Green came to show us some gadgets which help people who are blind to live independently.   We learnt about how guide dogs can help a blind person cross the road safely. We listened to the clock say the time. Continue Reading

Visit from the Life Education Bus

We went into the Life Education Bus to find out all about our body. Can you remember where your lungs, heart and stomach are in your body? We learnt about how to keep our bodies clean and healthy. We met Harold the Giraffe and his friend Sam Continue Reading