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ocean_picOcean plan September 2016

In Class Ocean we have fun and aim to be confident, independent learners.

We follow the Year six National Curriculum and each term we have a school trip to complement our topic. We enjoy Forest school activities regularly and carry out cooking and design projects at our local secondary schools.

In our first term we visit the Isle of Wight for a week with other year 6 children from our GloWMATCH schools. This helps us make new friends that we might go to secondary school with.

We love to take part in lots of sports competitions including netball, multi sports and kwik cricket.  We also participate in other festivals and events such as the Mock trial, bell boating and orienteering.

We have responsibilities around school. We are all buddies and support the reception children. We are also monitors with different roles around school.

Ocean Autumn Plan

Class Ocean's Blog

Arctic Adventure Day

On Thursday 8th February class Ocean visited Denmark Road’s School for girls, to experience a Wicked Weather Watch activity day through the eyes of the Arctic.

We had a fantastic day and enjoyed many creative sessions, including: Food Technology and Science with Kathryn Minchew, who is a professional chef and actually a semi-finalist on Masterchef!

We had a go at some dance through Arctic Exploration.

Finally, we had the most fantastic opportunity to meet an Arctic Explorer!


What an amazing day and thank you to Mrs Owen and Mrs Curtis for taking us.

Resilience Day!

We have had a fantastic day today developing our resilience and (for quite a few of us) overcoming some fears.


We started the day with some great team building exercises, with increasing challenge and difficulty – including being blind folded and having to trust our team to give us accurate directions.

Well done to Rowling and Dahl for identifying the culprits in the team game of cluedo!


Miss Bramley, Miss Dawson and Mrs Owen were so proud of all of the children for attempting the climbing wall. A lot of children did reach the top and pressed the button . . . for those who didn’t, it’s having a go that counts and we are very proud that not one child gave up and didn’t try!

Well don everyone, what a super day, and a brilliant attitude from you all!

Our values, as well as resilience,  shown today:









Bristol Zoo

On Wednesday 18th October we had a great time exploring the zoo, despite the weather being terrible, we made the most of the day. We saw a whole range of animals, including lions, monkeys, seals, penguins and meerkats; even some really strange animals such as a sand cat and mousedeer!!

We were all agreed that our favourite exhibit was the gorillas . . . we were all amazed at the size of them, and adored the babies! We also loved the other species of monkeys who provided us with some great entertainment.

Miss Bramley was very impressed with how much information we had remembered from our Science Lessons when were in our adaptation and evolution workshop! The staff at the zoo were amazing and we learnt a lot from them and had the chance to hold and touch some creatures!

What a wonderful day, even if were somewhat attacked by the ducks during our lunch!!

Thank you so much to Mrs Blakemore, Ms Anslow and Mrs Mirfin for coming with us!

Isle of Wight Thursday – Friday

We were very lucky to have such beautiful weather on Thursday, as this was our outside day. We began we an educational talk at Dinosaur Isle before setting out to the beach to undertake our own fossil hunting!

Once we had lunch we visited the life boat and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing some games on the beach.

Our last evening was spent partying at the disco! We witnessed some very interesting shapes being thrown on the dance floor, and we even eventually managed to get Mr Taylor dancing!!

After packing everything up and loading onto the coach, we had a few hours to kill before the ferry, so we visited the Donkey Sanctuary. This was amazing . . . there were 93 donkeys and 25 ponies which had all been rescued and were cared for by the incredible people at the sanctuary, who all only volunteer. We fell in love with many of the personalities of the donkeys and had a delightful experience.

By the time we had gotten off the ferry and were on our way home, all of us were terribly tired and fell asleep throughout the journey; including Mr Taylor who seemed to have really struggled with the entertainment!

We had the most amazing week and all of the children we so well behaved and we at Huntley school could not be any prouder of our year six than we are now! Thank you so much for making Miss Bramley’s first time on the Isle Wight such a lovely, memorable experience, and thank you so so much Mr Taylor for giving up your time to come with us!


Isle of Wight Wednesday

Wednesday was probably our most busiest day in the Isle of Wight. We had to get up really early and travel over to Alum Bay to create our own sand sculptures and view the famous needles!

We the had the opportunity to watch glass blowing, which we all agreed was very fascinating!

In the afternoon we visited Black Gang Chine which seemed to be everyone’s favourite experience. We raced each other down the water slide, screamed on the roller coaster (its safe to say Miss Bramley hated this part!), and had the best time running around the play areas.

We were very tired after this day, so after dinner, we grabbed our duvets, pillows and sweets and all huddled together to enjoy a film.

Isle Of Wight Monday and Tuesday

We had an absolutely fantastic week in the Isle of Wight, and we completed so many exciting activities. To break up our long day of travelling on Monday, we visited the HMS Victory, we were all very interested and managed to identify the spot where Nelson was actually shot! On Tuesday, we had a very… Continue Reading