In Class Ocean we have fun and aim to be confident, independent learners.

We follow the Year six National Curriculum and each term we have a school trip to complement our topic. We enjoy Forest school activities regularly and carry out cooking and design projects at our local secondary schools.

In our first term we visit the Isle of Wight for a week with other year 6 children from our GloWMATCH schools. This helps us make new friends that we might go to secondary school with.

We love to take part in lots of sports competitions including netball, multi sports and kwik cricket.  We also participate in other festivals and events such as the Mock trial, bell boating and orienteering.

We have responsibilities around school. We are all buddies and support the reception children. We are also monitors with different roles around school.

Autumn Curriculum Plan: Term 1


Class Ocean's Blog

Bike Ability


Year 6 have completed their level 2 bike ability course this week. Their training involved bike safety checks, being pedal ready, road riding, signaling and road marking and sign awareness.

At the start of the training we had some nervous riders but by the end we had a group of confident road users that can even signal with one hand off the handlebars! Well done everyone for showing great courage and perseverance.

A big thank you to Anne and Joe our instructors. We have written letters to you as part of our English lessons so expect them in the post soon!


Leavers’ Service and Historical Tour of Gloucester

On Wednesday 5th June, class Ocean went to Gloucester Cathedral to attend a special Leavers’ Service. We walked to the bus stop and caught a Stagecoach bus into Gloucester, asking and paying for our own tickets!

When we arrived at Gloucester Bus Station, we made our way to the Cathedral. On the way in, we saw the sheep that had visited us in November as part of the ‘Good Shepherd Project’. It was lovely to see him again! We quickly found our seats and waited for the service to begin.

At the beginning of the service, Ollie and Jessica carried in our banner and paraded it to the front of the Cathedral, joining the banners of lots of other Church of England schools. We were joined by Bishop Robert who encouraged us to think about how much we have changed and all of the challenges that we have overcome during our time at Huntley. We were given beautiful holding crosses and thought about how we are all as unique as the crosses in our hands. Nia represented us as our candle volunteer and we have brought our candle back to school to use in our Collective Worship time. After the service we had lunch in the garden in the centre of the cloisters. We were very excited to see the corridors which were used in the Harry Potter films!

After lunch, we were met by Mr Dillon from Gloucester Civic Trust, who gave us a fascinating overview of the history of Gloucester. We saw lots of Gloucester’s hidden gems as well as found out all sorts of things about some of the places that we have walked by every day! Do you know why Gloucester doesn’t have its Roman walls any more? We do!

At the end of a very busy day, we stopped of for a little treat before making our way back to school on the bus! What a day!

Greek Day


On Tuesday 26th March years 4,5 and 6 had a Greek day to celebrate their learning of Ancient Greece as their topic. What a wonderful day we had.

To start the day we were greeted by Nikademus who sent us through the portal to Ancient Greece, where we began with a quiz.


We then tested our logic with some traditional Ancient Greek games.

Before we learnt some battle strategies, we had the chance to test our javelin skills by throwing them at Nikademis, this obviously was very entertaining!

After break was when the real fun started. We had the opportunity to try on real Ancient Greek armour and explore the weaponry used during battle; this was very exciting. We couldn’t believe the size of some the swords and how heavy the shields were; We found out that the soldiers carried these for miles!

Next it was time for the feast! We enjoyed a lot of Greek Cuisine and are very grateful to Greek On The Docks for supplying such amazing food for us to try. We think everybody at least tried something new! Also thank you to Mrs Mason for organising this and also giving up her time to go and collect the food!

After having such huge amounts of food, we were ready and energised for the afternoon’s events. We began by learning some very cool battle techniques, and used them to create an army and charge at the teachers!!

During the second part of the afternoon, we competed in an Ancient Greek style Olympic games. Well done to the Spartans for achieving the most points, although this was a very close competition and everyone did well. We think Mrs Hulse helped gain the Spartans some points as her aiming was much better than Miss Bramley’s!

It was a shame to see such a brilliant day coming to end, but we finalised it by re-telling a myth through drama. This was very entertaining.

Miss Bramley, Mrs Hulse and Miss Stroud were so proud of you all, for your fantastic participation, enthusiasm and excellent behaviour. Watching the enjoyment you were all experiencing through the whole day was very rewarding!

We would like to thank all of the parents and helpers who created such brilliant costumes for the children (we know this is not always an easy task). Everyone looked amazing and your cooperation is very appreciated!

We hope the children had a brilliant day and could share lots of their new knowledge and experiences 🙂

Isle Of Wight 2018 Day 4

We were all very quiet and tired when we woke up this morning, but we knew we wanted to make as many memories of our last day as we could. We were so happy to open and read the lovely letters sent to us from you guys at home during breakfast; it made us all smile a lot and feel extremely blessed to have great families waiting for us, so thank you all very much!

There were no bus journeys today, and this was a welcomed break! Instead, we enjoyed the excellent sunshine and walked down to Dinosaur Isle. When we arrived, we met our tour guide who explained to us what we should look out for, before making our way down to the edge of the beach. Some of us found some extraordinary fossils, including Dinosaur poo and a fish’s jaw. We spent over an hour digging our way through the sand.

After collecting as many fossils as we could, we walked back to the exhibition centre. This was a pretty cool place, as it included many actual skeletons of dinosaurs. We started in the teaching room upstairs, where we all shared something that we found out during the morning, and discussed our favourite fossils. Then we went downstairs to explore all of the fascinating items in the museum.

The weather was beautiful yet again today, so once we finished in Dinosaur Isle, we enjoyed our lunch outside in the sunshine. Next we took a long walk, all the other way back across the other side of the beach, to the Rock Shop. This is a lovely little store, full of goodies. Some of us brought some great presents . . . some of us brought ourselves some great presents!

We then made the most of the weather, by spending the rest of the afternoon playing games and challenges on the beach. We had a challenge to create a sculpture in teams, representing our time on the Isle Of Wight. Group 1 made a ferry, group 2 also made a ferry, dinosaur prints and The Needles, group 3 created the Sands Hotel and group 4 made a model of The Needles. They were all extremely impressive!

After our final evening meal in the hotel, it was time to get dressed up ready for dancing the night away in the disco. The disco room was complete with lights and a smoke machine! We didn’t stop dancing for an hour and a half and enjoyed a range of music. This was a brilliant way to finalise our time on the trip, and spend some quality time with all of the new friends we have made.

We cannot believe it has come to the end of our trip already, but we have had an incredible time and made so many fantastic memories that will stick with us forever! We are very tired this evening, and have to wake up at 6 o’clock tomorrow!! We are not looking forward to a long day on the coach, however we can not wait to get home and share all our stories with you!

Isle Of Wight 2018 Day 3

What glorious weather we had today, beautiful sunshine and it was extremely warm.

We started our day out today with a trip over to Alum Bay to watch glass blowing and a sweet demonstration. The glass blowing was fascinating and we enjoyed this very much, although it was very hot inside; The furnaces heat the glass to over 1800 degrees Celsius!! We watched a vase be constructed, as well as a glass sweet and a long, stretched piece of glass called fibre optic.

Once the demonstration had finished, we made our way over for a treat at the sweet factory. We watched 6 kilos of sugar turn into 2000 boiled sweets, it was truly amazing. We were particularly interested in the machine that made a huge, never ending row of sweets and we were extremely lucky to taste the finished product. It only took 20 minutes to make 2000 sweets from scratch, this is incredible!

Next we spent some time creating our sand sculptures, before we made our way up to the outstanding views of the Needles; this was especially beautiful because of the great weather!

After lunch was the moment we had all been waiting for . . . BlackGang Chine! Whilst we were waiting for our exclusive use of Waterforce, we made sure we played some fun games through the hedge maze. Hiding from the players in a hedge maze is pretty tricky when you are 6 feet tall, as Alex soon came to realise!

The flumes of Waterforce was the most fun we had today by far! We were given the privilege of exclusive use of the slides for 30 minutes, with all of us having at least 3 rides. It was shocking how sneaky some of us can be in terms of our positions, as to how we could make our friends the most wet! We had a great time racing each other down the open flumes, and loved the scary experience of the dark one. It appears Miss Bramley is not entirely skilful at water slide racing, coming in last place when racing the other teachers!!

We enjoyed the rest of the day exploring Dinosaur Land, Fantasy Kingdom, Underwater World, Pirate Cove and Cowboy Town. Plus the very creepy haunted mansion and crooked house! We even enjoyed a doughnut whilst playing on the huge play areas and pirate ships!

We finished the visit to the park by running around the ginormous snakes and ladders (steps and slides), until we were almost too tired to walk all the way back to the coach.

After dinner, we got changed into our pyjamas and made our way into the lounge, complete with duvets and pillows, for our movie night! We really enjoyed watching Peter Rabbit together and ate way too many sweets. This relaxing time was very much needed after such a busy day!

The hectic day’s events were too much for some of us, and we couldn’t quite manage to keep our eyes open for the whole film!

There was no hesitation going to bed tonight, and we were all happy when the time came to fall asleep, which pleased Miss Bramley and Alex very much.

We can’t believe it is going to be our last full day on the island tomorrow, however the weather is going to be beautiful yet again, so we are definitely going to make the most out of the sunshine, on the beach . . . fossil hunting!

Isle Of Wight 2018 Day 2

Wow, what an amazing day we have had today, with many of us struggling to decide on our favourite moment. After having breakfast at 8.15, we set off on the coach journey to Osborne House. On our way, we were lucky enough to stop off at the hover board crossing where we watched a hover… Continue Reading

Isle Of Wight 2018 Day 1

Despite us all having a long day of travelling, we have still made the most of our first day. We arrived in Southampton at 12:00 where we visited the Solent Sky Museum. This museum was absolutely fascinating, and we were able to apply all of our prior knowledge about World War 2 to new facts… Continue Reading

GPJ 2018

On Wednesday 4th July, year 6 participated in the GPJ Sports event at Newent, and competed excellently. The children had to work as a team in a range of activities, including long jump, kwik cricket and end ball. Mrs Curtis was very proud of you all returning to school with a silver medal and scoring… Continue Reading

Dean Field Study Centre 29th June – 1st July

This years residential for years 4, 5 and 6 was a very fun and exciting one, when we visited the Dean Field Study Centre in Parkend. After all arriving and having our first evening meal on Friday, we then went out for our birds of prey display. Unfortunately it was too hot to fly the… Continue Reading

Bellboating Regatta

On Thursday 28th June, years 5 and 6 attended the regatta at Tewkesbury Sailing Club. We had an absolutely brilliant time and worked really well as a team. We displayed many of values, including perseverance, courage and responsibility.   Thank you so much to all of the parents that came and helped us, and to… Continue Reading